NFT, which is one of the trading methods that has grown in the internet world in recent years, has started to lose its popularity recently, but many companies are trying to revive it. Meta allows NFT sharing on Facebook and Instagram! Here are the details…

Meta launches NFT feature on Facebook and Instagram!
In the years when NFT started to become popular, it was seen as a bubble and was not given much importance. NFT sales have increased tremendously in the last 2 years. There were even people who earned millions of dollars with the designs in question. In addition, many companies started to sign NFT projects with Meta.

Meta announced that Facebook and Instagram users can now share their NFT designs. While this feature, which is only available in the USA for now, is expected to spread to many countries soon, it has been tested with certain users in the past months.

You will be able to share your NFT designs on Facebook and Instagram, as well as link your accounts to your digital wallets. It is stated that many wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet can be used.

How to connect a digital wallet to Facebook and Instagram?
The NFT sharing feature on Facebook and Instagram announced by Meta is not yet available in Turkey. However, you can link your digital wallet via Facebook or Instagram when it becomes available. For this, follow these steps:

First, update the application to which you will connect your wallet (Facebook or Instagram).
Download the app of your preferred digital wallet on your phone.
Login to Facebook or Instagram and log in to the “Digital collection” section in the settings.
Click on your preferred wallet and follow the required instructions.
Meta states that you will be redirected to your preferred wallet’s app and asked for the wallet password. After following the instructions, a notification will pop up to get confirmation for the last time, from this screen you need to click on “Sign” first and then on “OK” to confirm the connection.

The company has carried out many studies on the metaverse world in recent months. It seems that Meta is trying to add wealth to his wealth with the virtual world and NFT. The company has come to the fore again with the project of creating a metaverse identity for people in the past months.


Netflix Serials

Netflix regularly publishes 4 different popular content lists in the form of weekly, monthly, yearly and all-time. We also constantly share current productions. Among them, there are sometimes unexpectedly popular ones. We saw this last time in Suqid Game. Now a new series is on the agenda. Here is the list of the most watched series shared by Netflix…

DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story hits a record!
DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which has 196 million 200 thousand watch hours, is at the top of the list shared by Netflix. This series, which is 4 times different from its closest rival, is walking towards the record even though it has been a few days since its meeting with the big screen.

Of course, we will see in the coming months whether it can break all-time records like Squid Game or other Netflix original productions. However, we can say that it has gained an unexpected momentum with its performance in the first week.

In the second place of the list is the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga with 60 million 970 thousand watch hours. This production, in which the Winx Club cartoon series, which many of us watched in our childhood was adapted to the big screen, was not very successful in the first season, but reached high number of views with the second season.

The 5th season of Cobra Kai, which managed to make its mark on the top of the most watched list with an average of 100 million watch hours over the past 2 weeks, has regressed to the 3rd place. Right behind it is The Crown, which is about the British royal family and rises after the death of Queen Elizabeth.


Apple Touch ID

Technology giant Apple has given up Touch ID in recent years and preferred to turn to Face ID completely. New reports revealed that Apple has no plans to return to Touch ID. The company has no intention of using Touch ID until it makes the switch to an in-display fingerprint reader.

Apple won’t use Touch ID on new iPhone models
The latest report by Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman discussed Apple’s plans for the iPhone 14 and beyond. Apple, which suspended Touch ID support after removing the Home button with the iPhone X, has focused on the Face ID feature instead.

We know that Face ID has received very useful innovations recently. For example, we have seen that Face ID on Apple Watch works even with a mask, as the use of masks has increased during the pandemic period. In addition, it is possible to lock applications or perform two-step verification with Face ID.

The closest tests point to the future of Touch ID with an in-display fingerprint reader. Also, similar to the iPad Air 4, bringing Touch ID support to the power button is on the table. Still, Mark Gurman believes we won’t see an Apple product with Touch ID support “in the foreseeable future.”

Although there is no iPhone 15 with Touch ID support, it is thought that models such as the iPhone SE may include this feature in the power button. However, the fact that Face ID is becoming more and more widespread and also being adopted by users reduces this possibility.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, which successfully transforms text into visuals, has recently turned social media upside down. There is a new competitor in this market led by DALL-E 2 and Midjourney developed by OpenAI. Google researchers announced the artificial intelligence called DreamFusion.

Google AI DreamFusion turns text into images
Google has actually been in the text-to-image creation market since last year. DreamFusion has been reintroduced as the latest update to Dream Fields, a text-to-text rendering tool that was first introduced in 2021.

Created using Neural Radiance Field (NeRF), artificial intelligence combines a highly advanced neural network to create 3D images. According to Google’s statement, users will be able to turn 2D texts into 3D with DreamFusion, which is still training. As you can imagine, each transaction will strengthen artificial intelligence.

Ben Poole, research scientist and project director at Google Brain, said, “We are pleased to announce DreamFusion, our new method for text-to-3D. We optimize NeRF from the ground up using a pre-trained text-to-image model. There is no need for 3D data”.

It is possible to say that DreamFusion has created very successful visuals. According to the statement on the website, the rendered images will be consistent with “high-quality normal, surface geometry and depth.” OpenAI has been developing an artificial intelligence algorithm called Dall-E 2 for a while. In fact, the Dall-E Mini version of artificial intelligence has recently gone viral on social media. Dall-E, who managed to convert the texts into images, may even have created his own dictionary to understand some words.


Telegram activation

How to open sensitive content in Telegram? The answer to your question is quite easy. First of all, you need to know what a sensitive content filter is and how to change it. After enabling the fine filter, you will be asked to select your age and click “Allow”. How to open Telegram sensitive content is in this article.

Telegram sensitive content unlocking
To enable sensitive content, you must first download the desktop version of Telegram. In this version, you will find an option called “Disable filtering”. This option allows you to view all blocked content in the mobile app. While the Telegram app itself does not have this feature, you can also turn it off using the desktop version of the Google app.

After enabling the sensitive content filter, you should be able to access the channels. If you can’t see any of the channels, force close and reopen the Telegram app. When you return to the mobile app, you should be able to join the channel without any error messages. If the problem persists, you can try to disable the filter but make sure to follow the steps mentioned above to avoid any inconvenience.

How can I retrieve sensitive content in Telegram?
You can disable sensitive content filtering in the mobile app using the desktop version of Telegram. This gives you access to all blocked channels. If you don’t want to disable the filter, you can disable it from the desktop version by enabling the “Disable filtering” option. The desktop version of Telegram does not include the “Disable filtering” option, but the “Disable filtering” option is only available in the desktop version.

How to open unviewable Telegram channel?
If you have not enabled this feature in your Telegram account, you should use a different account and a different account for your messaging needs. Next, you should turn off the sensitive content filter and reinstall the app. This method will prevent your conversations from being filtered. Also, you should make sure to use this filter whenever you are online.

Sensitive Content Settings:

Enable sensitive content using Nicegram Bot.
Turn on the “Disable filtering” switch in Telegram web settings.
Login from another country with VPN.
Use Telegram from an unlimited country.
Use a different device.
Be aware of the channels you visit.
This method is not as effective as the previous one, but it will still protect your conversations with other people. The biggest problem with this method is that it is difficult to use. To use this method, you need to log in to your computer and download the Telegram app to your desktop. After that, go to the settings tab and enable the “Disable filtering” option.


Delete Whatsapp Backups

Photos, videos, documents and various applications take up quite a bit of space on our phones. Over time, this can become a big problem. Although deleting applications that we do not use or images that we no longer need saves us a certain amount of storage space, these are not always enough. Backups of apps like WhatsApp can also take up a lot of your storage.

How to delete WhatsApp backups?
Especially if not only conversations but also media are added to backups, these files can take up a lot of space on your phone. If you do not want these backups, which are already stored in cloud services, to also take up space on your phone, you can simply delete these files.

Delete WhatsApp backups for Android
To delete WhatsApp backups on Android devices, you must first use File Manager. Let us remind you that you can use the file manager already on the phones, as well as perform this operation through 3rd party applications.

Here are the steps:
Open the file manager
Go into the WhatsApp folder
Press and hold on the file called Database or Database
Click ‘Delete’ from the options that appear
Delete WhatsApp backups for iOS
Storage problems can also occur on iOS devices for various reasons. Apple branded phones that do not allow the use of SD cards may suffer more from this issue. However, it is possible to solve the storage problems experienced to some extent by deleting WhatsApp backups.

Here are the steps:
Go to your iPhone’s Settings
Click on your Apple ID
choose iCloud
Log in to the Manage Storage section in this section
Find WhatsApp backups
Click on Delete Data


Tesla Model 3

Tesla announced the delivery and production figures for the third quarter of 2022. The famous electric car manufacturer continues to increase its production and sales volumes recently. The company, of which Elon Musk is the CEO, continues its goal of becoming the top car selling brand in the future.

Tesla continues to set records in the third quarter
Tesla set a new record for itself by delivering 343 thousand vehicles in the third quarter of 2022. The company also broke a new record in terms of production. The electric car brand has managed to produce 365 thousand vehicles in the past 3 months.

The company announced that it produced 346,000 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in this process. 325,000 of these vehicles reached their owners. On the other hand, Model S and Model X have a total production figure of 18 thousand 672 units. The fact that more than 20 thousand vehicles have been produced but have not yet been delivered to their owners leaves a question mark in their minds, while the company stated that all of these vehicles have been sold and are in shipment.

Although Tesla recently stated that they focused on cost reduction rather than delivery numbers, it managed to break a new production and delivery record with the third quarter. The electric car manufacturer has surpassed its previous record with more than 30 thousand units with the sales of vehicles it has reached.

Although the company broke records, it fell short of expectations for this quarter. For the third quarter of 2022, the electric car manufacturer had targeted between 350 and 370 thousand units of sales. Due to the fact that more than 20 thousand vehicles are in shipment, the US manufacturer could not achieve this target.

Tesla aims to further increase its production and sales figures in the coming years. So much so that Elon Musk claimed that the best-selling car in 2023 would be Model Y. So what do you think about Tesla’s electric cars? You can share your views with us in the comments section.


Size of the Universe

We’ve always wondered how big the universe is. The universe, estimated to be about 92 billion light-years across, continues to expand. We do not have a clear idea about the expansion rate of the universe, which we know is constantly expanding. Astronomers are doing various studies to measure this expansion.

How is the size of the universe measured?
Astronomers use a method called the cosmic distance ladder to tell how far away objects are. In this method, different objects are used like steps on a ladder by observing the movements of pulsating stars called the ‘Sefe variable’ and a type of supernova called Type 1a.

Each of these object classes excels at determining increasingly larger distances. But for calculations to be accurate, they must be calibrated. The brightness of Cepheids changes over time, and more importantly, the speed of changes in brightness correlates with their actual brightness. So when we see a star flickering, we can find its true brightness and compare it with its apparent brightness to find out how far away it is.

For even more distant objects, Type 1a supernovae can be used as a benchmark. Because these explosions always have approximately the same brightness. So we can compare the apparent brightness with the actual brightness to find out how far away it is. However, in order to accurately measure the distance, it is necessary to check whether the distances calculated according to the Cepheid variable are calibrated to distances based on supernovae.

This is where galaxies like UGC 9391, which both contain Cepheid variable stars and recently hosted a Type 1a supernova, come into play. This week’s image from the Hubble Space Telescope showcases this handy distance measuring tool in all its glory.

UGC 9391 helps astronomers improve distance estimates by providing a natural laboratory where they can compare two measurement techniques (supernova explosions and the Cepheid variable). This is how it can be measured how fast the universe is expanding, with distance measurements appearing in a comparative way.



When a console is released, the first question that undoubtedly comes to mind is whether the software of the device can be cracked. Even the same goes for games. The biggest reason for this is that the price of such products has increased significantly today. However, since the above situations occur without the consent and permission of the right holder, they fall into the category of pirates and are considered completely illegal.

Of course, at this point, the fate of the new generation PlayStation 5 console, which was offered to users in 2020, was also wondered. But this situation has recently found a definitive answer. Because the console’s software was cracked due to a Webkit vulnerability. Even a video on the subject was shared.

How was the PlayStation 5 software cracked?
The software of the PlayStation 5 console, which is on sale in our country with prices starting from 16 thousand TL, was officially broken two years after its release. Of course, many claims have been made to date that the console has been broken. As it is known, at the end of last year, a notorious hacker group claimed to have access to the root key of the device.

The breaking process of the console has officially resulted in the recently released video. Because the PlayStation hacker named SpecterDev took advantage of a Webkit vulnerability to gain full access to all PS5 consoles up to system version 4.03. This prepares the environment for many operations, including installing pirated games.

The hacker states that the digital version can be cracked up to 4.03 and the disk version up to a maximum of 4.51. The reason for this is that the updates that come over time close the security vulnerabilities in new versions. Finally, contrary to popular belief, the breaking of the PS5 will not be immediately reflected to the general user in the first place. Because the updated system version of the console limits the mobility of this situation. SpecterDev itself says this is more beneficial for developers in the first place. Finally, let’s also mention that the necessary information and documents are shared on Github.

What is the PlayStation cracking process?
You can think of hacking PlayStation as jailbreaking an iPhone or using the Windows operating system as a bootleg on your computer. These applications, which are installed on the device and make some changes in its software, enable paid or free games to be playable by anyone without paying any money.


Vivo Y52 5G

Vivo continues to increase its product range. The manufacturer, which appeared in the sector with mostly entry and mid-segment models, increased its market share to a great extent, especially in 2022, when smartphone prices peaked. Finally, the company introduced the Vivo Y52 5G (2022) model, which will not upset users with its price and features.

Vivo Y52 5G (2022) specifications
Vivo Y52 5G (2022); It has a 6.58-inch FHD+ resolution IPS LCD panel that offers a 90.6 percent screen-to-body ratio. At the same time, the phone has a drop notch design, which is often used in today’s entry segment Android models.

The device is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. Chipset produced with a 7 nm fabrication process; It houses the Mali-G57 MC2 graphics unit in addition to two 2.27 GHz ARM Cortex-A76 and six 2.0 GHz ARM Cortex-A55 cores.

While there is an 8 Megapixel selfie camera on the front, there is a triple camera setup consisting of a 48 Megapixel main camera, 8 Megapixel ultra wide and 2 Megapixel macro sensor on the back.

Vivo Y52 5G comes to users with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. If users wish, they can increase the storage thanks to the microSD card support. Apart from that, the device has a 5,000mAh battery with 18W support. Finally, let’s mention that it will run Android 12-based FunTouch OS 12 interface right out of the box and will host features such as dual SIM, 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS and NFC.

Display: 6.58-inch FHD+ resolution IPS LCD panel with 90.6 percent screen-to-body ratio
Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 700
Storage: 128GB
Front camera: 8 Megapixels
Rear camera: 48 Megapixel main camera, 8 Megapixel ultra wide and 2 Megapixel macro sensor
Battery: 5,000 mAh with 18W support
Vivo Y52 5G (2022) price
Vivo Y52 5G (2022) will be available to users in black and blue color options. At the same time, the price tag will be around $ 250.


Cyberpunk 2077

The Steam weekly bestseller list continues to be updated. For a long time, Valve’s handheld console, Steam Deck, anchored at the top, has recently been renewed. At this point, we see that Cyberpunk 2077, which was released at the end of 2020 but was disappointing by not meeting expectations, has come to the fore in recent weeks. Here is the Steam weekly bestseller list!

Steam weekly bestseller list
SteamDB, which stands out with the data it shares about Steam, has updated the bestseller list of the week. Accordingly, Valve’s handheld console, Steam Deck, was at the top last week. FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, which debuted on September 30, 2022, took the second place, while Need for Speed ​​Heat, which debuted in 2020, came in third place.

The fourth on the list is the standard version of FIFA 23, while the fifth is Cyberpunk 2077, which debuted in 2020 and did not meet the expectations created by the players during the promotion process. The production, which has been largely freed from the errors it contains with the latest updates, has been in the top five of SteamDB’s list for the last three weeks.

Here is the Steam bestseller list:

Steam Deck
EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition
Need for Speed ​​Heat
Cyberpunk 2077
Slime Rancher 2
EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Pre-order Edition
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
Note: The reason why some games are on the list twice can be explained by the fact that they are on sale with different packages. Instead of typing package names here, the platform adds the same game to the list twice.

Cyberpunk 2077 system requirements

Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
Memory: 12GB RAM
Video Card: GTX 1060 6GB / GTX 1660 Super or Radeon RX 590
DirectX: Version 12
Storage: 70 GB available space