When a console is released, the first question that undoubtedly comes to mind is whether the software of the device can be cracked. Even the same goes for games. The biggest reason for this is that the price of such products has increased significantly today. However, since the above situations occur without the consent and permission of the right holder, they fall into the category of pirates and are considered completely illegal.

Of course, at this point, the fate of the new generation PlayStation 5 console, which was offered to users in 2020, was also wondered. But this situation has recently found a definitive answer. Because the console’s software was cracked due to a Webkit vulnerability. Even a video on the subject was shared.

How was the PlayStation 5 software cracked?
The software of the PlayStation 5 console, which is on sale in our country with prices starting from 16 thousand TL, was officially broken two years after its release. Of course, many claims have been made to date that the console has been broken. As it is known, at the end of last year, a notorious hacker group claimed to have access to the root key of the device.

The breaking process of the console has officially resulted in the recently released video. Because the PlayStation hacker named SpecterDev took advantage of a Webkit vulnerability to gain full access to all PS5 consoles up to system version 4.03. This prepares the environment for many operations, including installing pirated games.

The hacker states that the digital version can be cracked up to 4.03 and the disk version up to a maximum of 4.51. The reason for this is that the updates that come over time close the security vulnerabilities in new versions. Finally, contrary to popular belief, the breaking of the PS5 will not be immediately reflected to the general user in the first place. Because the updated system version of the console limits the mobility of this situation. SpecterDev itself says this is more beneficial for developers in the first place. Finally, let’s also mention that the necessary information and documents are shared on Github.

What is the PlayStation cracking process?
You can think of hacking PlayStation as jailbreaking an iPhone or using the Windows operating system as a bootleg on your computer. These applications, which are installed on the device and make some changes in its software, enable paid or free games to be playable by anyone without paying any money.