Delete Whatsapp Backups

Photos, videos, documents and various applications take up quite a bit of space on our phones. Over time, this can become a big problem. Although deleting applications that we do not use or images that we no longer need saves us a certain amount of storage space, these are not always enough. Backups of apps like WhatsApp can also take up a lot of your storage.

How to delete WhatsApp backups?
Especially if not only conversations but also media are added to backups, these files can take up a lot of space on your phone. If you do not want these backups, which are already stored in cloud services, to also take up space on your phone, you can simply delete these files.

Delete WhatsApp backups for Android
To delete WhatsApp backups on Android devices, you must first use File Manager. Let us remind you that you can use the file manager already on the phones, as well as perform this operation through 3rd party applications.

Here are the steps:
Open the file manager
Go into the WhatsApp folder
Press and hold on the file called Database or Database
Click ‘Delete’ from the options that appear
Delete WhatsApp backups for iOS
Storage problems can also occur on iOS devices for various reasons. Apple branded phones that do not allow the use of SD cards may suffer more from this issue. However, it is possible to solve the storage problems experienced to some extent by deleting WhatsApp backups.

Here are the steps:
Go to your iPhone’s Settings
Click on your Apple ID
choose iCloud
Log in to the Manage Storage section in this section
Find WhatsApp backups
Click on Delete Data